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Our Story

Underwood’s one-stop shop for your essentials- from gas and diesel, to bait and propane, along with food and Rocket gear.  Originally established in 1986 as a gas station and repair shop downtown, then moved to its current location in 1991 and became branded as Conoco. Over the years a small deli was added, offering Piccadilly Pizza, subs and tacos and the station was rebranded to Shell in 2003.   Up next on the agenda was a diesel island add-in in 2011.  2014 brought even bigger changes to the Quik-Stop with the addition of the café which included a full-size kitchen, seating for 58 customers, bigger deli and a self-serve coffee area, along with remodeled restrooms and an all-over new look to the building.  With the increase in business, the need for more fueling area was a must.  In 2019 a complete makeover was underway.  The change to Arco brought in a brand that was chosen for the very bright, modern, up-to-date image that stands out from the rest.  New gas tanks, underground piping, electrical, gas & diesel dispensers and canopy were all installed.   Top tier gas and diesel is available 24 hours a day with pay at the pump.